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New Orleans nonprofits are an important part of our daily life. Because of nonprofits we are able to enjoy recreation, hobbies, and the arts and take care of our spiritual needs. If we didn’t have nonprofits we wouldn’t be able to take care of the elderly or the needy and get access to education and medical care. Times change and technology and ideas become obsolete every day, so leaders and professionals will eventually depend on the younger generation to continue to ensure that New Orleans nonprofits continue to thrive. As a result of this, ynpnGNO’s mission is to strengthen emerging young leaders and the nonprofit sector by providing leadership, advocacy, and support.

YnpnGNO is the New Orleans chapter of YNPN. YNPN is a national organization and is the only organization in New Orleans that helps young people, between the ages of about 18- 35, who work or volunteer in the nonprofit sector by providing networking opportunities, professional development, volunteer opportunities, and more for free. YnpnGNO gives students in their last years of high school and in college and young professionals support throughout the last years of high school, college, and the beginning of their careers and gives professionals and their organizations the opportunity to cultivate new business relationships.

Louisiana has one of the highest high school drop out rates, one of the highest crime rates, and one of the worst education levels. YnpnGNO contributes to the effort to combat this problem by giving 18 year olds in New Orleans more productive, fun ways of spending their time after school. Volunteering also helps youth in many ways, such as giving them the opportunity to learn new valuable skills and enhance their resumes.

What usually happens is that college students get free career support during their college years and networking opportunities, because of career services, professor mentorships, and college professional organizations. Once college students graduate and move into the workforce they have few avenues of getting free career support and networking opportunities. YnpnGNO is an organization that enables college students to meet students from other colleges, not just students from their college, and young professionals and get support throughout their professional career, because ynpnGNO is not just geared towards college students but is geared towards young professionals.

YnpnGNO gives nonprofit leaders and professionals the opportunity to help develop the younger generation of nonprofit professionals into leaders through a donation of their resources and time. Nonprofit professionals get the chance to mentor young nonprofit professionals and volunteers and give them professional development opportunities through various activities and speeches. Nonprofit organizations can also find and recruit new talent and develop new partnerships with other organizations by networking, whether formally or informally, and keep up to date on what is going on in the nonprofit community at our various events.

We are excited for the opportunities that this chapter will give to the New Orleans nonprofit community. We need everyone’s support in continuing to spread the word about this organization and in convincing others that ynpnGNO is a good organization to donate their time and resources to. As always, cheers to bringing the nonprofit sector closer together!

If you are interested in becoming a member or working with our organization by offering your time or resources for activities such as speaking engagements and professional development and skills workshops email us at ynpngno@gmail.com.

Visit www.ynpn.org for more information about YNPN at the national level.

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